Impact Investment Projects

Solar energy impact investment projects

Investors from around the world are making impact investments to unleash the power of capital for good through the Solarcollab investment platform.

Solar energy impact investment programs

What is impact investing?

Impact investing seeks to generate two things, a healthy stable financial return and positive social or environmental impact.

Our impact investment programs are launched in both emerging and developed markets, that target a range of 5% – 16% return on investment depending on each individual solar energy impact program.

Solarcollab raises capital through their crowdfunding platform, through specialized loans, applying for grants and other specialized financing strategies to address the world’s most pressing challenges of clean sustainable power production.

Fast Track Community Owned Solar Farms - USA

This solar energy impact investment program is completely unique… a first of its kind, conceived by Solarcollab.  Its goal is to bring power, profits, and jobs back to the people who live and work in their local communities.  This program is also designed to allow landowners to not only earn income from leasing their land for the solar farm, but to also participate in the OWNERSHIP of the solar farm, while earning quarterly returns from the sale of the electricity to the local utility.

We are in the process of designing our investment platform so that landowners can raise project funds to be able to finance these community solar farms.

Fast Track 1.5 MW Utility Solar Power Plants - EU

The 2019 ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ legislative package contains many pro-solar provisions that will support the dissemination of PV power until 2030. As the most versatile, easy and quick to install, and often lowest-cost means of expanding the share of renewables, solar is the most popular power generation source among European citizens – and this attractiveness is now increasingly translating into real stable solar investments.

PV-Diesel Hybrid Solar Power Systems - Africa

PV-diesel solutions offer independence from rising diesel prices and reduce operating- and maintenance costs, especially in remote areas far from the utility grid.

Pure diesel power generation for industrial consumers in remote regions leads to continually increasing operating costs. Simultaneously falling PV system costs make photovoltaic diesel hybrid systems with a PV solar energy system integrated with a diesel generator an economically attractive and environmentally friendly solution.

2MW Solar Farm India's Rural Renewable Energy Program - India

India’s population is currently hovering at 1,385,900,954 as of February, 2020, as reported by the United Nations. Due to India’s explosive population growth, India has plans to quintuple its solar energy output over the next ten years. India’s government recently approved a huge increase in solar energy capacity targets set at at 100 gigawatts (GW) over the next few year, five times more than the previous target of 20GW set two year ago. One thing is certain, every year that goes by India continues to write favorable policy to support the increase of solar energy development in their country. Solarcollab has implemented the IREAP 2 MW solar farm impact investment initiative to develop 100 MW of utility connected installed capacity throughout the State of Rajasthan.

Solar Powered EV Charging Station Networks

The business of EV charging – filling up a car with electrons rather than petroleum-based gas or diesel is the future of transportation. According to the most recent research study, the demand of global Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market Size & Share was valued at approximately USD 18.22 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to grow to over USD 115 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35%.

EV rollout will require huge investments in an already growing strained U.S. power grid. More electric cars will require both charging infrastructure and much greater electric-grid capacity. Utilities and power generators will have to invest billions of dollars creating that additional capacity while also facing the challenge of replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

EV Charging Stations Energy is a clean energy infrastructure program designed by Solarcollab Global LLC that develops EV charging station networks that are powered by solar energy and battery storage systems.


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