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Solarcollab provides an end-to-end solution that connects issuers with a large ecosystem of custodians, broker-dealers, investors, legal firms, cap table management providers and others. This best-of-breed approach bypasses the scalability and customization issues that can come with all-in-one solutions and lets each issuer create a logical and compliant process, regardless of their solar energy asset, goals or jurisdictional requirements.

Our approach to creating digital asset ecosystems combines the flexibility and simplicity of a bespoke solution with an ecosystem of technology integrations and solar energy expertise. At Solarcollab, we make sure that issuers can create an end-to-end journey for their solar energy project digital assets, regardless of the complexity of their requirements.

Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. The Solarcollab platform has the capabilities to develop your solar energy asset on the following blockchains and distributed ledgers to secure your digital solar energy asset.

Token Asset Platforms as a Services

Asset tokenization platforms are companies which enable you to tokenize your physical assets. Tokenization refers to the process of representing real world assets like land, commercial and utility scale solar energy systems, and power purchase agreements as digital “tokens” on a blockchain. Solarcollab is the first company that converts real-world solar energy assets into digital assets.

Advisory Services

Advisory services will help plan and execute the digitization of your solar asset and security token offering.  The Solarcollab platform can be integrated with the following Advisory Services from the list below, or you can choose to use your own Advisory services from another provider.

Legal Services

Legal advisors specializing in the legal structuring, documentation and regulatory clearance of digital assets is essential for the issuance or your solar asset tokens. Solarcollab has a growing list of law firms to choose from based on your location and type of solar asset you want to raise funds for.

KYC / AML Verification

KYC means Know Your Customer. AML means Anti-money laundering.  KYC/AML is the mandatory legal process of identifying and verifying all potential customers and investors who want to invest in your digital solar asset offerings.

Custodian and Escrow Services

Before making a financial transaction, tokens are transferred to a third-party smart contract called the escrow. The escrow holds the deposited tokens until the payment conditions are satisfied. This process is mediated by a third-party custodian that ensures that both the agreed product/service is delivered and payment is made that fulfills all agreed upon parameters.

Capitalization Table Services

The Capitalization Table is a tool used by solar energy asset managers, owners, and operators to reflect the current balance of capitalization, equity and debt. The capitalization table helps in financial decisions involving equity ownership, market capitalization, and market value. Some companies act as a registrar to support your regulatory compliance for your solar energy asset.

Specialized Tax Services

Specialized tax preparation services are a vital part of the digital solar asset team that will help save a ton of time, save money, prevent expensive mistakes and provide peace of mind knowing that your tax returns will be filed in compliant way per geographical jurisdiction.

Marketing Services

Involving a marketing agency or professional  to help promote your digital solar asset is an essential piece of the puzzle to reach your goal of funding your solar energy project.  We use proven solar asset token marketing strategies that include the following strategies; stand alone website creation and promotion for your commercial solar project, search engine optimization, social media marketing, video creation, article writing, google paid ads… just to name a few.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

DEXs are a foundational pillar of our digital asset ecosystem, letting users buy and sell digital tokens directly between a buyer and a seller without the need for any brokerages, exchanges, or banks. The follow exchanges are platforms that we can use to promote the sale of your commercial or utility scale solar project tokens.


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