How to start a solar farm in

Solarcollab helps {{mpg_state_name}} landowners develop and fund a solar farm on their {{mpg_state_id}} vacant land.

Solar farm development is an easy process if you have the right information.

How to start a solar farm in {{mpg_state_name}}.

Solarcollab assists property owner in {{mpg_state_name}} to develop and fund a solar farm on their vacant land. {{mpg_state_name}} landowners can now take advantage of Federal Energy Regulated Commission policies to become solar power entrepreneurs by being involved in the development of ground based solar power plants in the {{mpg_state_name}}.

1. See if your land meets the requirement to host a solar farm in {{mpg_state_name}}.

It all starts with having cleared flat land in a rural part of {{mpg_state_name}}. Solarcollab helps you navigate the process of leasing your land for a solar farm in {{mpg_state_id}}

2. Provide us with more information about your specific {{mpg_state_name}} property.

Next step in our process is to fill out our detailed "Host A Solar Farm Application" form.

3. {{mpg_state_name}} land lease rates and {{mpg_state_name}} power purchase agreements for

How much solar electricity will your {{mpg_state_name}} land produce and what is the going rate for an {{mpg_state_name}} electric utility.

4. Solarcollab engineers are ready to perform a solar design for your {{mpg_state_name}} based solar farm.

Using remote design software, our solar engineers use google maps to “fly” over your {{mpg_state_name}} land to perform a construction ready solar design for your {{mpg_state_name}} ground-mount solar power plant.

Host A Solar Farm Application

Size of the land parcel in acres
Parcel ID Number
Name of Local Electric Utility
Website url of your utility company
Selected Value: 1
Degrees of slope?
Does the land have front road access?
Is there a three-phase power line next to property?
How many miles away is the nearest substation?
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Take a google map screenshot of land parcel and upload it here with property boundaries outlined
fill in the parcel map URL from

Directory of {{mpg_state_name}} city solar farm locations.

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